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Thank you!

Very happy to post this on a sunny Thursday morning!

WELCOME TO THE NEW VOLUNTEERS – We have a new Member At Large on the board for this year – welcome to David and thank you so much for helping out. Our new Secretary, Cora, is another welcome addition to the team this year. New member, Barb, also stepped forward last night at our first monthly meeting of the year to be the new Social Media Coordinator. Thank you!

STILL NEEDED – We’d love to meet some people soon to volunteer to be our new President, an Indoor Coordinator or two, and an Event Coordinator. We can’t run programs in the community without Indoor Coordinators to help organize, so please volunteer if you can. Maybe you’ve been on the board in the past and want to rejoin; come on out and meet the board with new faces as well as long-timers you’ll recognize.

THANK YOU to all the returning volunteers who are staying on for another year. To Adam, Dave, Diane, Jamie, Janet, Kaela, Margaret, Mike and Shelley: Your ongoing support in the community is appreciated.

CONTACT US TO HELP – Email us at if you can help – we have a great crew of new and returning volunteers waiting to welcome you for the 2021-22 community association year that’s just begun.

Join the volunteer board!

IS THIS YOUR YEAR? CAN YOU HELP? Community Associations are 100% volunteer-run. Programs and events cannot take place without community association volunteers. We have some vacancies coming up and would love to have residents join us on the board for the upcoming year: President, Secretary, Indoor Coordinator(s), Social Media Coordinator and Members At Large.

HOW TO ATTEND THE AGM Tuesday, October 12 at 7 pm is the HBPMKW Community Association AGM. You can attend in person or email us at to request the link to attend online via Zoom. NOTE: requests for the meeting link must be received by 12 noon on Tuesday, October 12.

REGULAR MONTHLY MEETINGS for elected board members take place on the last Wednesday of the month at 6:30 pm (except for December and summer months). Any residents can attend monthly meetings, but only elected board members can vote.

NO EXPERIENCE? NO PROBLEM. * If you are able and willing to learn, we’d like to hear from you.* Some positions require more time commitment than others, and some positions are busier in certain seasons.* Elected board members attend monthly meetings.

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES starting October 12 for 2021-22:
1) PRESIDENT -> commitment as overall leader and primary representative of the community association; promotes community association’s goals through programs, communications, and other activities; chair meetings and run them in respectful manner; act on behalf of the community association in all matters; diplomacy, public speaking, conflict resolution and time management skills.
2) SECRETARY -> record and preserve all meeting minutes; assist president in preparing meetings, email meeting minutes to board members; maintain current lists and records; commit to sound administrative practices; organization, teamwork and computer skills.
3) INDOOR COORDINATOR(s) x 1-2 -> scheduling programs for all ages for the neighbourhoods, booking class times in the neighbourhood schools; contacting instructors and arranging payment on behalf of the community association; time commitment, organization, safety, scheduling, passion for helping community.
4) SOCIAL MEDIA COORDINATOR -> updating website and fb on behalf of board of directors; diplomacy, positive attitude, creativity, public relations, community knowledge, computer literacy, communication, editing.

5) EVENT COORDINATOR -> elected board member responsible for organizing events for the neighbourhood; build on existing events or create own; find volunteers in general community and community association member board to assist at events; events can be tailored by you to be in person or online. Annual events in recent years have been the Spring Clean-up, Community Tobogganing Day, Snowflake Art Project for youth, Winter Nights Winter Lights. The Event Coordinator could also organize fun days at the community outdoor rink, consulting and working with the volunteer Rink Coordinator.
6) MEMBERS AT LARGE -> elected board members without a specific job who help other members out as needed and assist with projects; can also bring own ideas to the table for new programs, events, etc. ; positive attitude, flexibility; willingness to get involved and learn.

NO EXPERIENCE? We have many resources to help you – training is provided. Better yet, we have veteran volunteers staying on this year who will welcome you.

Community Associations and Volunteers Handbook
Community Association Volunteers

Annual General Meeting (AGM) – all neighbourhood residents welcome

It’s time for the annual meeting for the Hudson Bay Park-Mayfair-Kelsey Woodlawn Community Association – if you live in one of the above 3 neighbourhoods, come on out and join us at the meeting to hear what’s been going on this past year and what’s coming up. We enjoy meeting new people and are also in need of new volunteers for the 2021-22 year.


  • DATE & TIME: Tuesday October 12, 2021 at 7 pm
  • LOCATION: Henry Kelsey School, 16 Valens Drive
  • NOTE: Please adhere to public health guidelines as they stand on October 12. Be sure to check this website or the Community Association Facebook page (here) for updates closer to October 12 in case of changes due to COVID guidelines. 

NEW BOARD MEMBERS ARE NEEDED for the Community Association’s 2021-22 year so we can keep bringing you a variety of indoor programs for all ages, the outdoor community rink, the community newsletter 3 times a year, and annual events like Rink Day, Spring Clean-up, Community Tobogganing Day, Kids’ Snowflake Art Project, etc. Elections for all positions will take place at the AGM on October 12th at 7 pm.

HELP MAKE A POSITIVE DIFFERENCE IN YOUR OWN COMMUNITY– Do you want to get more involved in your community and help bring ideas forward or make decisions that help your community grow? Board members meet on the last Wednesday of the month at 7 pm at Henry Kelsey School on Valens Drive, with no meetings in December, June, July or August. Board Members attend the monthly meetings. We are a child-friendly group and childcare is often available if you give a heads up a few days before a meeting (note: the community association must follow public health guidelines so this is subject to change during COVID).


  • INDOOR PROGRAM COORDINATOR (1 or 2 people): Is responsible for the coordination and management of all indoor recreation activities in cooperation with the Community Services Department and the School Boards; Is responsible for appointing indoor coordinators (as required) and assigning their various duties. * We have a number of programs for this fall that cannot happen without an indoor coordinator.

EMAIL US at with any questions or to let us know you’d like to volunteer this year.

See attachment below for all board member positions that will be open for elections at the meeting:

Monthly Community Association Meeting

You are welcome to join the Hudson Bay Park/Mayfair/Kelsey Woodlawn Community Association meeting on Wednesday January 27th at 6:30 pm.

We are again meeting via teleconference, and any residents can attend. To receive the join code for the meeting, email us at before the 27th.

We’ll be hearing board members’ reports, discussing the spring community newsletter, talking about a community clean-up and plant exchange/garden tour (on our wish list but depends on pandemic situation).

We hope to see you at our online meeting on the 27th.

Try These Online Programs Starting Soon

Try Out These Great Online Community Programs

Beginner Fitness starts January 19

Paint Class for Teens starts February 4

Programs require a minimum number of registrants. Residents from other neighbourhoods are also welcome to participate.

Click on the link below and then scroll down and click on the Event Smart link for registration and program information :

November 30th deadline for Community Survey

Community Survey

What is important to you in your community? What do you like and what do you wish for?

The Hudson Bay Park/Mayfair/Kelsey Woodlawn (HBPMKW) Community Association wants to hear from residents to find out what is important to you and your family in the community. We have a short survey for you that will help us plan future events and programs. We want to hear from you about how we are doing and what sorts of things you wish we would start doing.

Responses will remain confidential, but be sure to sure to submit your name and contact info if you would like to be entered into a draw to win some cool merchandise from local shops.

OPTION 1: Take the survey online – If you’d like to fill in the survey and submit it online, please take a moment to fill out the survey here: SURVEY

OPTION 2: Drop if off at the library – Print out your completed survey from the online community newsletter here and drop it off at Mayfair Library by November 30 OR simply use the last few pages of the community newsletter that was delivered to homes a few weeks ago, fill in the survey and drop it off at the library.

OPTION 3: Mail it to us – Print out the survey from online or use the paper copy of your newsletter and mail it to us at HBPMKW CA, Box 30020 RPO 32, Saskatoon, SK, S7L 7M6.

Thank you for taking the survey and letting us know what’s important to you in your community. Remember to get it to us by November 30th.

Email us at if you have any questions .

Online Monthly Meeting for Community Association

You are welcome to join the Hudson Bay Park/Mayfair/Kelsey Woodlawn Community Association October meeting on Wednesday, October 28 at 6:30 pm.

To join the online meeting, email before the 28th to receive the join code.

We’ll be welcoming the new executive board for 2020-21, hearing board members’ reports, and planning for the coming year.

We hope to see you online on the 28th.

Volunteer Spotlight – Diane

2019 garden tour 4 diane thank you


Hudson Bay Park – Mayfair – Kelsey Woodlawn
Community Association

Member at Large 2015-16
President 2016 – 2020

A big thank you goes out to Diane for being a leader who wears many hats as President of our volunteer Community Association. Diane joined as a volunteer in 2015 and spent a year helping out as needed as a Member At Large. Then in 2016 she was elected to head up the association and now in 2020, is still a strong voice for our community.

Diane’s position as president means she chairs our monthly board meetings, ensures board members are well informed, allows everyone at meetings to be heard and also considers others’ opinions, leaves space for and encourages board members to move forward with their own ideas, and has a very organized and get-it-done approach to things.

Diane recently helped a new Citizen Patrol Group start up in the community after residents expressed interest, and is always available to help residents when there are questions or additional contact information is needed. She can also be found helping out at the Community Garden and is not only an avid gardener, but a bit of a “compost guru” who always has some useful advice when others need it. She was instrumental in getting the community garden going and is also a garden committee board member.

Diane can often be found volunteering at our community fundraiser BBQs, helping cut down weeds at the outdoor rink in the summer with her husband, supporting residents’ proposals (ie: Pierre Radisson Dog Park), helping organize events like the annual Spring Clean-up, and advocating for residents’ needs in the community,

We appreciate Diane being available for guidance and assistance on community matters. She is not only an avid defender of and voice for the individual needs in our 3 neighbourhoods, but genuinely cares about her community and its residents. She does a lot on behalf of our community behind the scenes, and we want her to know it’s greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much, Diane, for everything you do.