Hudson Bay Park | Mayfair | Kelsey Woodlawn Community Association is a non-profit organization run by a board of volunteers. We hold monthly meetings usually on the last Wednesday of the month at 6:30 pm at Ecole Henry Kelsey (16 Valens Drive), and welcome involvement from the community.

In conjunction with the City of Saskatoon, we provide a variety of fitness, recreational sport, and instructional programs for children, youth and adults. Held in neighborhood schools, these programs are offered at reasonable cost to residents of Hudson Bay Park, Mayfair, and Kelsey-Woodlawn as well as other city neighborhoods. The Community Association also maintains the Henry Kelsey outdoor skating rink, and organizes annual events like the Spring Clean-up & Picnic, Community Tobogganing Day, Snowflake Art Project for youth, and more recently has welcomed some youth members.

We are also very active in working with city council and administration to improve aspects of our neighbourhood.

We are an active community association dedicated to promoting community spirit and enjoy providing community newsletters, community programs, and events.  We also have an official Community Association facebook page where you can read about news, events and programs in the community on a regular basis: https://www.facebook.com/hbpmkw/


Membership of this Association is of one class and is open to all people residing in the Hudson Bay Park, Kelsey-Woodlawn, and Mayfair neighbourhoods of Saskatoon.


Meetings take place on the last Wednesday of the month at 6:30 pm in the staff room at Henry Kelsey School, 16 Valens Drive.  We do not meet in the summer months or in December.  The school is wheelchair accessible at the front entrance.

Let’s become involved in our community and help make it a strong and vibrant place to live.  Small community-building actions by many help build a stronger community for all of us.