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Indoor programming for Fall 2020

Sharing community news regarding indoor programming for Fall 2020:

The Saskatoon Public and Catholic School Boards announced this week that community associations will be unable to rent and use school facilities for indoor programs this fall. Safety measures are being implemented by all schools to protect against the spread of COVID -19.

Once we have information on whether or not we can carry forward with some fall programs in a different way, outdoors or online, we will let you know here.

Our annual general meeting (AGM) for the community association will also need to be rescheduled this fall, and this information will be posted as well once we know more.

The community association relies on volunteers to make things happen in our 3 neighbourhoods, so if you are interested in helping out in some way for our 2020-21 year that begins next month, please email us at with your questions or ideas.

Sum Theatre’s travelling show in Mayfair

Sum Theatre’s travelling show will be in Mayfair neighbourhood at noon on Sunday, August 16. Watch for chalk on the sidewalks to find the show, and keep your ears open as you’ll hear them if you’re near their route.

General route is on the map below:

Please respect social distancing regulations as the show passes by, and stay on the sidewalks away from the performers.

From Sum Theatre:

” TIPS & TRICKS (hints):
Wanna know where to find us in your neighbourhood? Look for the sidewalk chalk! <cut> We travel mainly on side streets, stay away from main intersections, and don’t travel through parks.. and you’ll hear us coming!
Wanna have even more fun with the family? Wear something tie-dyed or fun outfits, bring bubbles to blow or noisemakers to play with as we roll by! This is a travelling show, so if you’re on a bike you can pop around the neighbourhood and catch us on multiple corners so you get to see multiple parts from the show! Thanks for all the love so far, and for welcoming us in to your neighbourhoods! ”

Sum Theatre in Mayfair map

Volunteer Spotlight – Diane

2019 garden tour 4 diane thank you


Hudson Bay Park – Mayfair – Kelsey Woodlawn
Community Association

Member at Large 2015-16
President 2016 – present

A big thank you goes out to Diane Bentley for being a leader who wears many hats as President of our volunteer Community Association. Diane joined as a volunteer in 2015 and spent a year helping out as needed as a Member At Large. Then in 2016 she was elected to head up the association and now in 2020, is still a strong voice for our community.

Diane’s position as president means she chairs our monthly board meetings, ensures board members are well informed, allows everyone at meetings to be heard and also considers others’ opinions, leaves space for and encourages board members to move forward with their own ideas, and has a very organized and get-it-done approach to things.

Diane recently helped a new Citizen Patrol Group start up in the community after residents expressed interest, and is always available to help residents when there are questions or additional contact information is needed. She can also be found helping out at the Community Garden and is not only an avid gardener, but a bit of a “compost guru” who always has some useful advice when others need it. She was instrumental in getting the community garden going and is also a garden committee board member.

Diane can often be found volunteering at our community fundraiser BBQs, helping cut down weeds at the outdoor rink in the summer with her husband, supporting residents’ proposals (ie: Pierre Radisson Dog Park), helping organize events like the annual Spring Clean-up, and advocating for residents’ needs in the community,

We appreciate Diane being available for guidance and assistance on community matters. She is not only an avid defender of and voice for the individual needs in our 3 neighbourhoods, but genuinely cares about her community and its residents. She does a lot on behalf of our community behind the scenes, and we want her to know it’s greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much, Diane, for everything you do.


33rd Street Fair postponed until 2021

The 33rd Street Fair is not happening this year but will be back next year in 2021. There are a lot of great shops, restaurants and services available in the 33rd Street West business district, be sure to check them out either in person or online (link to website is at bottom).
Let’s support our nearby local businesses, and let your friends and family know about the good shopping in our neighbourhood.
From the 33rd Street BID:
” 33rd Street BID Cancels 2020 Street Fair to Focus on Business Recovery
Due to the ongoing public health crisis, and the negative impact of the recent economic shutdown, the 33rd Street Business Improvement District (BID) board of directors has voted to cancel this year’s street fair.
“Because we’re a small district with limited resources, the street fair requires a lot of volunteer effort from our business owners to make happen,” said Dan Matthews, Executive Director of 33rd Street BID. “Asking business owners to add extra work to their day at this time is simply not possible.”
Of course, the ongoing pandemic brings additional risk to the health and wellbeing of those managing and attending the event as well.
“Many of the street fair main attractions involve hands-on activities and close physical proximity,” said Matthews. “The risk to our visitors, business owners, and volunteers is just too great. Next year we’ll bring the fair back bigger and better than ever.”
In lieu of the event, the BID plans to focus its energy and resources on supporting the recovery of its business community and attracting support for these businesses from a local customer base.
The 33rd Street BID board of directors would like to thank past visitors, vendors, and volunteers for their generous support. We look forward to working with you again next year.
Anyone with questions or concerns regarding the cancellation of the event should contact the 33rd Street Business Improvement District through their website at “

Volunteer Spotlight – Suzanne


2010 – present

In keeping with write-ups about current volunteer board members on the community association, here are a few details so you know some of the behind-the-scenes fun that goes on as a volunteer.   As the person taking care of website and Facebook communications by keeping the sites updated with current news for the association, I get to share some of the perks of being on the board and being able to be part of a few different things going on.

Initially a Member At Large back in 2010, I moved to Website/Facebook Communications in 2018. That means taking care of the community association Facebook page by posting about neighbourhood events, programs, construction-related issues, local business news, contests being run by the community association, etc.  The website also remains a place to post important neighbourhood news.

Being a volunteer with the comm. assoc. means I enjoy a fair bit of freedom and can help out where needed and also run with a few ideas of my own if I want to. I get to enjoy organizing annual events like the Snowflake Art Project for youth, help run Tobogganing Day (with Anna and her fabulous firepit), help draft letters on behalf of the community association, take photos of the neighbourhood and its events for the comm. assoc, and run neighbourhood-wide online Facebook contests like Fall Into Fudge, All About Autumn, and Caption This Photo where residents can submit their entries and win a small prize (sponsored by the comm. assoc. or a local business).

The above-mentioned contests, along with December’s “Winter Nights, Winter Lights” contest, give me a chance to not only deliver prizes to adults and kids in one of our 3 neighbourhoods, but also meet a variety of people of all ages. Taking a box of long john doughnuts to a 9-year old Kelsey Woodlawn resident, who won a recent contest through the community’s Facebook page, was one of my best days in recent months.

Mostly, I get a lot out of being able to volunteer with other board members and general residents who like to get involved in the community and take action when needed. Thanks for giving me many reasons to stick around these past few years.

Volunteer Spotlight – Shelley

Shelley Marshall 2016 – 2020

The community association wants to thank Shelley Marshall for all the time and effort she gives as a volunteer in her community. Shelley has worn a couple of different hats these past couple of years, and often works quietly behind the scenes so many are not aware of everything she’s doing.

Shelley has had a big role as one of the community association’s indoor coordinators for the past few years, organizing classes for kids and adults, booking the school classrooms and gyms needed for the activities, and also helping find instructors.

What many don’t know, though, is that she played a large role in the successful makeover of the community’s only outdoor rink on Valens Drive this past summer. Rink coordinator, Janet, explained that “Shelley helped every step of the way. She helped organize all the fundraisers. We also met regularly to discuss everything from fundraising to grants, as well as finding volunteers. Once we were close to having the funds in place, we met to discuss all the logistics of tear down and then rebuilding.”

Shelley made a huge difference in her community that will impact our community for years to come. We’re so happy to have her on the community association board again this year – thank you Shelley!

Volunteer Spotlight – Dave

Dave Newton – 14 years and counting

The Community Association is very thankful Dave Newton has been volunteering in the community for 14 years. When he first joined, it was to fill the role of Soccer Coordinator for 10 years. He coached when his kids were young and playing soccer, and then stayed on as the community’s soccer coordinator even after his own kids aged out of community-level soccer. In addition, for the past 4 years, he’s been a volunteer Member At Large on the board and is always around to help out at various community events.

Thank you for being such a strong and long-time supporter in the community, Dave.

2013 agm dave newton