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Share your concerns or experiences

Sharing a letter re: crime & safety from volunteer community association president, Diane Bentley, and volunteer board members.

* Note the June 1 deadline for comments/letters to be sent to either the general email or post box address for the community association (details below in letter).  You can send email on this website from here:

* For people currently living in Hudson Bay Park, Mayfair or Kelsey Woodlawn.


crime and safety letter may 2020

Salvation Army and Nutrien Food on the Move providing bagged lunches in front of Mayfair School

The Salvation Army in Saskatoon: Today our Nutrien Food on the Move truck will be making the following stops:

11:30 – Riverdale house
WP Bate Community School
St. John’s School (auditorium parking lot)
St Andrew’s Park
King George School (North side of school)
St Mary’s Wellness Centre (parking lot on East side)
St. Maria Goretti Community School (behind school on the West side)
Vincent Massey Community School (located in parking lot across the street)
Westview Place

* Mayfair Community School (usually here around 1:45 – 2 pm, keep an eye out for them as it’s not an exact time, but each stop is about 10-15 minutes.)
Sutherland School

Holliston School (located on the North side of Holliston Park)

We are at each location for approximately 10-15 mins. Please stay tuned as we will be posting live updates. We hope to see you there!

#YXE #FOTM #FoodontheMove

List of local online sites for information and available services during COVID-19








” It’s really a wonder that I haven’t dropped all my ideals, because they seem so absurd and impossible to carry out. Yet I keep them, because in spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart. ” – Anne Frank

We are seeing so much good in our neighbourhood and throughout the city, so many offers of help and simple acts of kindness. Sending out warm wishes to all of you in the neighbourhoods of Hudson Bay Park, Mayfair and Kelsey Woodlawn.


During these very challenging times when information can change daily or even hourly, we encourage you to check your local Saskatoon and Saskatchewan online pages for updates from time to time. This Community Association facebook page is maintained by volunteers, so updates on every change or new information cannot be posted in a timely enough manner. We want you to be able to access information as you need it, so please use the links below for local information.

Your City of Saskatoon page and a couple of other useful resources will be left pinned here at the top of this page so they can be easily found.

City of Saskatoon facebook page

City of Saskatoon website or…/fire-emergency/covid-19

Saskatchewan Health

Mayor Charlie Clark facebook page

COVID-19 Service Directory -> numerous resources for local businesses and support services that are operating at this time.


Wishing you and your family good health, much needed patience, and the kindess of others during this difficult time.

Do you want to be a volunteer for delivering groceries to people unable to shop?

A number of people in the city are volunteering to shop for and deliver groceries to city residents unable to go out at this time.  If you’d like to be part of the volunteer group, there is a Facebook page, see Facebook link below for more information.

The Community Association is sharing information during the current pandemic.

We can do this.

We can do this. A strong community looks out for others, and in challenging times, it’s important to take care of ourselves but also remember to check in on others even if we don’t know them well.

– Someone might not be able to get out to get their groceries and we could grab something for them and drop if off at their door, or we might make their day simply by asking if they’re doing okay.
– Another person might be the main caregiver for a family member who is unwell or be caring for young children without any help, and helping shovel or running a short errand for them could be the difference in their day.
– Someone might be an anxious person or dealing with depression, and a neighbour reaching out to them in some small way could help them get through another day.
– A simple “hi” as you walk past and small talk about the weather might be enough for someone to feel some things can still be fairly normal despite the current situation.

Go for a walk if you can, or sit in the back yard and get some fresh air. Go tobogganing or cross country skiing. Put on some music you like. Play cards or board games. Visit a neighbourhood Little Library / book exhange while the libraries are closed, call or text a friend or relative. Reach out and stay connected to others.

Wishing everyone a safe, healthy and manageable week.

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Community Association indoor programs cancelled for remainder of season

Thank you to all our indoor program participants for their support to the HBPMKW Community Association. 

Our first priority is your wellbeing and health safety.  With the confirmation of the first case of COVID-19 (coronavirus) in Saskatchewan, the school divisions are taking proactive measures to prevent spread of the illness and all school bookings are cancelled until April 19; our community is supporting this decision.

All indoor programs are cancelled, we are assessing the situation and further details will be made available as soon as possible

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Indoor Program Coordinators

HBPMKW Community Association

Monthly community association meeting

DATE: Wednesday, February 26
TIME: 6:30 pm
LOCATION: Ecole Henry Kelsey staff room, 16 Valens Drive

Come on out to the February meeting and find out what’s going on and coming up in your community.

We’ll be taking about the annual spring clean-up coming up in a couple of months, boarded-up homes in the neighbourhood, and more.

We need volunteers to help at the annual spring clean-up event (date to be decided soon, the event usually happens in late May or early June) and are specifically looking for a couple of people with trucks that they could drive in alleys to help other volunteers. If you can help in some way, please get in touch with the Community Association through this page or email .

NOTE on future board positions opening up in September 2020:
We’ll soon be advertising for the following positions which will open up in autumn 2020 –
1) 2 Indoor Coordinators (volunteer board members) – 2 people work together to decide which indoor programs for kids and adults will happen, arrange for instructors, book school gyms for the programs using the school board’s online system; attend monthly meetings except for December and summer – more details to come later this month
2) Rink Maintence (not a board member position) – to prepare the rink by flooding it at the start of winter, and maintain the rink throughout winter as needed. An honorarium is provided. Does not require attendance at monthly board meetings. More details to follow later this month.

You can come to the meeting just for information and to see what’s been going on and what’s coming up, or come out to express interest in being on the board of volunteers. Kids are always welcome at meetings if you need to bring them along, and if you decide to join and be a voting board member, childcare can be
provided if you request it ahead of time.

Q: Who is the community association?
A: We’re a group of volunteers in your neighbourhood who form the member board for the non-profit community association. We also
run indoor programs and put on events in the community;
take care of the outdoor community rink;
design and deliver 3 community newsletters a year;
keep residents current about community happenings on both the facebook page you’re reading now as well as a website;
run a community garden where residents can rent a small plot to grow food; and more.

The CA (community association) is always looking for community-building people who want to help out around the neighbourhood in some way.

Board members for 2019 -2020:
President – Diane B.
Secretary – Jamie Y.
Treasurer – Adam W.
Indoor Coordinators – Margaret J. and Shelley M.
Newsletter Editor & Advertising – Mike Y. and Kaela T.
Rink Coordinator – Janet J.
Facebook & Website Communications – Suzanne N.
Members at Large – Natalie L, Dave N, Melissa S, Hang T.

To get in touch with the Community Association any time with questions, send email to (The HBPMKW stands for Hudson Bay Park Mayfair Kelsey Woodlawn) or send a message through this facebook page.

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Outdoor Spring Soccer Registration for youth is open

Thank you to neighbourhing Caswell Hill for welcoming Hudson Bay Park, Mayfair and Kelsey Woodlawn to the outdoor soccer program this Spring.

Soccer Registration is now open through neighbouring Caswell Hill community, register early for a discount. You’ll need to create an account at the link below to access more information and details regarding registration.

Thank you to Theresa in Caswell Hill for making soccer happen, we really appreciate it!