January eNewsletter 2023

Did you miss the January eNewsletter for the Hudson Bay Park/Mayfair/Kelsey Woodlawn (3×33) Community Newsletter? February school break camps for kids, kindergarten open house at Henry Kelsey, How to make a skating rink video, gardening classes, mental health first aid courses & much more – there’s something for everyone. You can see it here. https://mailchi.mp/c9527fa4…/jan2023communityenews-5376327

Ecole Henry Kelsey School Zone Safety Review

The City of Saskatoon met with the 3×33 Community Association at our last monthly meeting (November 29, 2022) to discuss upcoming changes to 33rd Street.

The City is planning to remove the school zone along 33rd from Valens Drive to Avenue K North, in alignment with Best Practice guidelines from the Transportation Association of Canada.

In addition, after a study that included traffic volumes, vehicle speeds, collision history, pedestrian volumes, and site observations, the city is proposing the following improvements:

33rd Street and Avenue K

  • Fix pedestrian ramp on northwest corner
  • Install parking restrictions
  • No changes to the existing Active Pedestrian Corridor crossing device
  • Correct pavement markings (one travel lane and one parking lane in each direction)

33rd Street and Avenue L

  • Install curb extensions on east leg
  • Adjust signage and install parking restrictions
  • Relocate transit stop and bench
  • Work with SGI to remove photo enforcement camera

33rd Street and Valens Drive

  • Fix pedestrian ramp and landing area on southeast corner
  • Install ramp texturing

See the City of Saskatoon’s PowerPoint presentation below for more information:

These recommendations will go to the Standing Policy Committee on Transportation (SPCT), likely on February 7th. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can send them directly to the SPCT, or email Julian Petras, Transportation Engineer with the City of Saskatoon (julian.petras@saskatoon.ca).

Autumn Leaves

Did you know homeowners are responsible for cleaning up leaves on the sidewalk or boulevard adjacent to their property? Loose leaves can go in your green cart or be dropped off at a compost depot, and bagged leaves can go in your black cart, but please do not push leaves onto the street as they can cause drainage issues. You can also spread leaves on your garden as mulch. Many beneficial insects, such as ladybugs, overwinter in piles of leaves.

More info on city bylaws at saskatoon.ca/goodneighbour. Download the guide!

Community Association Meeting Wednesday Oct 26 2022

6:30 PM, Henry Kelsey School – Room 202 (basement)

You also have the option to join by Zoom – email us at hbpmkwinfo@gmail.com to get the link before 5 PM the day of the meeting.

Saskatoon’s Community Associations are volunteer run organizations that offer affordable sport, culture and recreation programs, create networks and give people a voice in neighbourhood improvements.

Would you like to influence what programs are offered in our area? Indoor program coordinators help shape which local fitness and recreational classes are offered. The president keeps a finger on the pulse of civic matters and connects us to City Hall and services such a law enforcement. The treasurer supports the work of the association by ensuring the funds flow appropriately. The rink coordinator keeps the rink operating with the help of rink maintenance. If you’re only up for occasional special events or want to spend a year getting a feel for things, you can be a member at large.

Read about Saskatoon’s Community Associations and the duties of the various volunteer positions here. Learn more about our Board and our meeting schedule at this page on our website.

Community Association AGM: Tuesday, Oct 11, 2022

Are you looking to get out of your Covid-imposed isolation and connect with your community? Think about joining the Association. 

Join us at the Annual General Meeting 

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

6:30 PM at Henry Kelsey School (downstairs in room 202)

Volunteers make it happen! Community Association volunteers make friends, share their knowledge and expertise and build their resume with leadership experience.

For the 2022/23 season, we’re looking for a President, Treasurer, Indoor Coordinator, and Members at Large to help us keep our programming going. We meet monthly from September to May (plus the AGM), with summers off.

Read about Saskatoon’s Community Associations and the duties of the various volunteer positions here.

You have the option to join by Zoom – email us at hbpmkwinfo@gmail.com to get the link.

Supporting documents for the AGM:
2022 AGM Agenda

2021 AGM Minutes

Financial Statement 2021-22

Proposed Operating Budget

Governance Document