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Rink Day at Henry Kelsey outdoor community rink

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* Sponsored by the Hudson Bay Park / Mayfair / Kelsey Woodlawn Community Association * 

Join us at Rink Day on Saturday, February 8 from 11 am – 3 pm.  There will be hotdogs, popcorn and hot chocolate at the concession – bring your own mug if possible to help reduce waste at community events.

The rink is on Valens Drive, just north of Ecole Henry Kelsey.

No bathroom facilities on site.

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Community Rink Update Winter 2019-20


2019 rink winter photo

The outdoor community rink is maintained by volunteers from the Hudson Bay Park/Mayfair/Kelsey Woodlawn Community Association. Special thanks to Janet Jackson, rink coordinator, and Matthew Gibson, rink maintenance.

1) Rink is ready to go!
The new outdoor community rink on Valens Drive has lights that are on from about 5 – 10 pm, and the rink shack will usually be open on weekends from 12 noon – 6 pm.

2) Rink is run by volunteers – thank you for your understanding and for supporting volunteers in your community.
* Thank you for understanding that the rink is run by volunteers, and sometimes unpredictable things happen that might prevent the shack from being open. When life cooperates, the shack will be open on weekends from about noon – 6 pm.

3) Friendly reminder: leave valuables at home or keep them on you while skating. The rink is used by many people from all over the city – word is out that we have a great rink! – and although theft has not been a big problem in the past, it’s always best to leave valuables at home or keep them nearby while you skate.

We hope you enjoy the new rink this winter, built in summer 2019 by volunteers in the neighouboorhood. Thank you to everyone who helped demolish the old rink and build the new one – the community is lucky to have you!

Community rink on Valens Drive

2019 rink rebuild 23 - Copy.JPG 3

The outdoor rink on Valens Drive should be ready around mid December or a bit later, depending on the weather.  Matt, the community’s rink maintenance person, will be out when possible to prepare and flood the rink, so please watch for him and stay off the ice when he’s working or when there are signs asking everyone to stay off.  This will help with the ice surface preparation and make it better for everyone to skate on.

There are no set rink hours of operation for the rink warm-up shack, but the outdoor lights will be on in the evenings once the rink is ready to use in mid to  late December.

Community outdoor rink is ready for winter – thank you volunteers!

2019 rink rebuild 23 - Copy.JPG 2

As we move closer to outdoor skating season, we want to give another big thank you to all the volunteers in the community who helped demolish the old outdoor rink on Valens Drive and rebuild it in time for everyone to enjoy this year.

Janet Jackson, the volunteer Rink Coordinator with the Hudson Bay Park/Mayfair/Kelsey Woodlawn Community Association, and Matthew Gibson, who does the Community Association’s rink maintenance, were instrumental in not only the care and maintenance of the former outdoor rink for years, but spent much of their time fundraising and drumming up community support the last few years, in order to be ready to build the new rink which was completed in August.  Shelley Marshall, one of our indoor coordinators, stepped up to help organize all the fundraisers and help Janet and Matt find volunteers.

Thank you everyone, from community association board members to neighbourhood residents and their friends and acquaintances for helping make this all happen.

Enjoy the new rink!

2019 rink rebuild 16

Matthew Gibson and Janet Jackson

New community rink being built by neighbourhood volunteers

WOW! Look at the progress made by volunteers building the community a new rink this weekend!
Just look what can be done when people in the neighbourhood get together for a good cause!
A few volunteers age 16+ are needed for Saturday the 17th as well, especially to carry boards from the middle of the rink where they are cut (see last photo), to the people installing them at the edge. If you can carry a couple of boards at a time back and forth, you can be a huge help; the people installing the boards can then focus on what they are doing instead of having to go back and forth carrying boards.
* A few volunteers are needed throughout the day, but a couple of helpers/board carriers would be greatly appreciated close to noon or just after lunch, when the early-morning volunteers are starting to tire out.
** If you have a drill and a #2 square (Robertson) drill bit to help out, please bring it along.
*** If you plan to be there on Saturday to help, please send a note to rink coordinator Janet at for more details or to say you can help.
Just think, only a few weeks ago there were neighbourhood volunteers helping tear down the rink – a lot of work made easier by everyone who showed up to help, thank you!

HELP NEEDED! Adults needed to help with outdoor community rink demolition on Saturday, July 20

rink pic 1


DO YOU WANT TO BE A PART OF SOMETHING BIG IN THE COMMUNITY, helping bring a new outdoor rink to the community?

So much going on this summer!  The community’s outdoor rink is going to be torn down by volunteers in the neighbourhood on Saturday, July 20 starting at 9 am, and the new rink will start being built by volunteers in August.  WE NEED YOUR HELP!

CAN YOU HELP? Calling all ADULT RESIDENTS who can help in big or small ways (and might enjoy demolishing something without getting in trouble for it).

Note: Understandably, for safety reasons and legalities, the demolition day is for adults only and no youth will be allowed on site.

* If you can help, please contact volunteer rink coordinator Janet as soon as possible at or (306)384-9867 so she and Matt know who will be helping them – it’s important to know ahead of time that there will be others there to help.

From Janet and Matt:
1) We have met our fundraising goal of $20,000 and plan to tear down the existing structure on Saturday July 20 starting at 9 am. We will be working Sunday too if needed.
2) We are in need of ADULT VOLUNTEERS to assist us with this process. Come for an hour or come for the day!
3) We need people to help with RIPPING OUT NAILS AND SCREWS and and putting the old boards in the Loraas bin.
4) UPDATE: Bring the following if you can: hammer for removing nails from boards, cordless drill to remove screws from boards, maybe a pry bar to help separate boards. They hope to have a few extra of these tools on hand, but would appreciate if people bring their own if possible. If you can’t manage a tool, you can help carry boards to the Loraas bin that will be on site.
5) Volunteers must wear closed-toe shoes/boots and appropriate clothing (pants and shirts – no muscle shirts, tank tops or topless folks for safety reasons).
6) IMPORTANT NOTE: Understandably, for safety reasons and legalities, the demolition day is for adults only and no youth will be allowed on site.

Please contact Janet at or (306)384-9867 to let her and Matt know you can help, or to find out more about what kind of help is needed – thank you.


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STEAK NIGHT – Friday, March 2

rink photo

Ruckus at the Rink STEAK NIGHT – Friday March 2, 2018


Mark the date, Friday March 2, on your calendar for the upcoming Steak Night fundraiser – a very important fundraiser for the community, with all proceeds going toward rebuilding the outdoor rink (located just north of Henry Kelsey School at 16 Valens Drive).

DATE: Friday, March 2

TIME: 6 – 9 pm

LOCATION: Mulberry’s Restaurant 124 3rd Ave N

CONTACT organizer Janet Jackson for tickets and more information:

TICKETS are only $25 (children’s menu also available)

Tell your friends, family, co-workers and neighbours about the Steak Night


Thank you for supporting the community rink! 

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