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New logo for facebook as well as website

2019 welcome to 3x33 facebook large photo


New logo for community association – 3×33 (read “three by thirty-three”)

Did you know the new logo for the community association facebook page is 3×33? It’s read “3 by 33”, and includes the neighbourhoods of Hudson Bay Park, Mayfair and Kelsey Woodlawn along 33rd Street that are part of the same community association.

This community association website is under construction in some spots, and is still showing up in a wordpress format. However, searching for this website, 3× , will take you to the correct link and bring you to this website.

If you have friends or neighbours in Hudson Bay Park, Mayfair or Kelsey Woodlawn who don’t use facebook but would like to keep up with basic neighbourhood news, let them know about this website so they can read about events, programs, meetings, and other neighbourhood-related updates.

Community Association facebook page: