Meetings – Open to Hudson Bay Park, Mayfair and Kelsey-Woodlawn Residents

Meetings usually take place on the last Wednesday of the month at Ecole Henry Kelsey at 6:30 pm, but due to unforeseen circumstances, sometimes have to be changed to another day.  It is best to check this website for current information on monthly meetings, or view the facebook page that is updated regularly.

We always welcome new faces and would love to hear your ideas for programming and events in the community.  Whether you want to join us as a volunteer in the community, or simply want to come to a meeting to check things out, you are welcome to attend any of our regular meetings.

Volunteers are always welcome and appreciated.

Note: Meetings are held once a month, except for December and summer when we take a break from regularly scheduled meetings.  These meetings are open to residents of Hudson Bay Park, Mayfair, and Kelsey-Woodlawn, but only Executive Members have voting privileges.