Salvation Army and Nutrien Food on the Move providing bagged lunches in front of Mayfair School

The Salvation Army in Saskatoon: Today our Nutrien Food on the Move truck will be making the following stops:

11:30 – Riverdale house
WP Bate Community School
St. John’s School (auditorium parking lot)
St Andrew’s Park
King George School (North side of school)
St Mary’s Wellness Centre (parking lot on East side)
St. Maria Goretti Community School (behind school on the West side)
Vincent Massey Community School (located in parking lot across the street)
Westview Place

* Mayfair Community School (usually here around 1:45 – 2 pm, keep an eye out for them as it’s not an exact time, but each stop is about 10-15 minutes.)
Sutherland School

Holliston School (located on the North side of Holliston Park)

We are at each location for approximately 10-15 mins. Please stay tuned as we will be posting live updates. We hope to see you there!

#YXE #FOTM #FoodontheMove

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