We can do this.

We can do this. A strong community looks out for others, and in challenging times, it’s important to take care of ourselves but also remember to check in on others even if we don’t know them well.

– Someone might not be able to get out to get their groceries and we could grab something for them and drop if off at their door, or we might make their day simply by asking if they’re doing okay.
– Another person might be the main caregiver for a family member who is unwell or be caring for young children without any help, and helping shovel or running a short errand for them could be the difference in their day.
– Someone might be an anxious person or dealing with depression, and a neighbour reaching out to them in some small way could help them get through another day.
– A simple “hi” as you walk past and small talk about the weather might be enough for someone to feel some things can still be fairly normal despite the current situation.

Go for a walk if you can, or sit in the back yard and get some fresh air. Go tobogganing or cross country skiing. Put on some music you like. Play cards or board games. Visit a neighbourhood Little Library / book exhange while the libraries are closed, call or text a friend or relative. Reach out and stay connected to others.

Wishing everyone a safe, healthy and manageable week.

we got this

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