STR8 UP Info Session

str8up poster ad

DATE:  Tuesday, January 16 at 7 PM – 9 PM

LOCATION: Mayfair Community School, 510 34th Street West

This 2 hour session describes the journey to become a gang member, often beginning in early childhood or even prior to birth. Poverty, racism, abandonment, and various forms of dysfunction and abuse lead young people into a life which promises acceptance and fulfillment, but which in fact is addictive, criminal, and controlled by others. Our society seems unable to reclaim these alienated and troubled youth. In this presentation, the Medicine Wheel is the holistic model used in the beginning of a journey of healing. Stan Tu’Inukuafe will talk about the history of youth without belonging, as well as the needs and processes in a journey of recovery and rehabilitation.

During the second and third part of the presentation, STR8-UP members (all recovering gang members) will share their criminal and incarceration experiences and will focus on their self-empowerment and rehabilitation in achieving a healthy transformation. Open exchange and discussion with the audience will close the session.

SPONSORED BY: Hudson Bay Park/Mayfair/Kelsey Woodlawn, Westmount, and Caswell Hill Community Association. All welcome. Donations will be graciously accepted, but are not required.




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