Proposed Dog Park

Did you know that in 2010 City Council adopted “that off-leash dog walking be formally recognized as a recreational activity that contributes to a healthy lifestyle and one that is worthy of support facilities and amenities”?

You have probably noticed many West-Side residents frequently use the underutilized Pierre Radisson Park as an informal dog walking facility. However, in an effort to enjoy a healthy lifestyle with their pets many of these residents drive to and from off-leash dog parks daily. Along with the environmental impact of more vehicles on the road, these trips add to the growing congestion the city streets face as the population of Saskatoon increases.

As of 2014, there are over 1000 licensed dogs in the communities of Westmount, Caswell Hill, Hudson Bay Park, Mayfair and Mount Royal.

In recent months a Dog Park Ambassador group of West-Side residents has committed to proposing a portion of Pierre Radisson Park be converted into an off-leash dog park. The desired space is a portion of the park between 31st St. West and 33rd St. West and will most likely be fenced.

Dog owner or not we welcome your support in making this proposal a success. Any questions or concerns can be sent to the Pierre Radisson Off-Leash User Group:


4 thoughts on “Proposed Dog Park

  1. Pierre Radison Park is already an eyesore at it’s current underdeveloped state, I am concerned that fencing it off would only make it worse because garbage would collect along it. Not to mention chain link fences are not the nicest to look at in the first place. I would prefer to see the Pierre Radison Park developed into a nice looking park with trees, jogging paths, picnic tables and nicely kept fields for kids to play in. Since, I’m sure there are far more kids in the neighborhood that need to get out of the house and play, than dogs. 🙂

    I do recognize the value in a dog park in our neighbourhood, but it might be a better idea to put the dog park in a less centralized location like the north end of Henry Kelsey park.

  2. This would be fantastic, especially if it is fenced!! I drive over to the east side on a regular basis to take my dogs off leash. I never went to the one on 11th street because it was between a busy road and a train track and wasn’t fenced. Too dangerous. I live in Massey Place and we would be able to bike or walk over to Pierre Radison Park.

  3. I live in the Parkridge neighbourhood and would love to see more off leash parks. Pierre Radisson would be somewhat closer to us than the other off leash parks.Would love to see one in the Parkridge/Blairmore area as well. In summer there seem to be more people with dogs than kids utilizing the parks,so please give us more! Unfortunately I will be away so will not be able to attend the meeting in Feb.,but wanted to add my support.

  4. This park was slated for development like Henry Kelsey School park, but it never happened. It wouldn’t be such an eyesore if it was developed. I heard people saying that their kids never use the park…but they would if it had actual grass and paths and playground equipment. I am totally against the dog park proposal as I have seen and heard from friends who live near other parks that it is just a place where dog owners can exercise their dogs without having to exercise themselves. Littered with coffee cups, cigarette butts, paper, and dog shit,…where do I sign up??? As one older gentleman stated…”people have been exercising their dogs in my neighborhood for YEARS already…on leashes walking down the sidewalk.” so now the dog owners can just stand there visiting, drinking their Timmies, and smoking, while their dogs exercise themselves? Not in MY backyard …not if I have anything to say about it!

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