Bethune household a happening place

Published in the 2013 Fall Newsletter.  By Bob Florence

Let’s go to Bethune’s.

Kids in the neighbourhood in Hudson Bay Park did this for years. They played and partied and laughed at Bethune’s house on Howell Avenue. With four boys and a girl in the family, Bethune’s was a happening place.

Bill and Elaine Bethune are the parents. When they moved to Howell Avenue in 1959 from a two- bedroom bungalow a few blocks away on Avenue D, their new home was on the fringe of Saskatoon. Standing in their kitchen, Elaine and Bill could look out the window facing the street and see wheat fields.

Howell Avenue began with three houses, with the Bethunes, with Bruce Howie of North Star Oil and his wife Shirley, with plumber Thomas Flaherty and his wife Marie.

The city grew. The neighbourhood, too.  Howell became home to George and Eileen Fidgett, Walter and Leona Dumka, George and Lois Podratz. A Co-op grocery store opened on Avenue P, then a Credit Union. New houses mushroomed.

Marlene Buller, who lived in a house near the start of the street on Howell, graduated from Mount Royal Collegiate and won a scholarship for the University of Saskatchewan where she studied paediatric nursing. Hank Siemens, who lived a few doors down from Buller on Howell, converted a school bus into a mobile summer home for his wife and four children.

Howell Avenue added the Brickers and Werbickis, Primes and Peters. There was firefighter Herbert Stoll and truck driver Peter Hyshka, clerk Anne Hrytzak and Safeway secretary Norah Reynolds. Bill Bethune worked in floor covering. Elaine raised the five Bethune children as well as babysat for other families.

“Kids across the street who didn’t have TV came over to watch,” Elaine said. “Friends are always welcome.”

The five Bethune children all went to Henry Kelsey elementary school. When he was in Grade 6 in 1966, Jimmy Bethune was part of a school project with principal Peter Russell to find out where towns and train stops in Saskatchewan drew their name. Russell wrote a book on it.

Kids in the school helped Russell do another book on Saskatoon’s street names, including Howell Avenue and Valens Drive, Donald Street and Kusch Crescent in Hudson Bay Park.

Neighbourhoods are about everyday people, not just those who have a street or park named after them. We may not change the world, but we shape our community.  Elaine knows Hudson Bay Park, has for more than 50 years. She knows names and faces, the work they do and interests they have. Her children grew up there. Bill died in 1980. Times change. The character of Bethune’s house on Howell endures.

As many as 13 members of Elaine’s family join her for supper in the kitchen of her house on Howell every Sunday. She likes to prepare a big meal for everyone. The challenge is variety.

“Especially dessert,” she said. “They like dessert.”

When her children turned older, she worked for a hotel on Idylwyld Drive, then as a room attendant  for the YWCA.

For the past 17 years she has volunteered with a program for seniors that meets at Clinkskill Manor. Every Monday and Wednesday morning she helps at Oliver
Lodge, a special care residence for seniors.

“I enjoy the activities they do,” she said. “I enjoy seeing them.”

Although the garden Elaine grows in her back yard is smaller than it once was, her yard has been a fountain of nectar for ruby- throated hummingbirds. She has a comfy chair in the sunroom for her white cat Bella. Among the needlepoint mats she stitched and framed are two pieces on the living room wall showing grain elevators.

Elaine was raised on a mixed farm at Bounty near Outlook with eight brothers and sisters, plus two stepbrothers. They walked across the field to go to school. They caught the train to visit their grandmother nearby in Conquest, especially at Christmas. Elaine moved to Saskatoon in 1948. She and Bill married a year later.

Howell Avenue is home.


3 thoughts on “Bethune household a happening place

  1. Enjoyed reading about Elaine Bethune and family. She was our dear neighbour until we moved to Kelowna in Aug. Miss her so much….

  2. Love* this article!!! Brings back such memories while putting it in perspective! My memories of the Bethune household were made while making fast friends with Elaine’s grand daughter. My parents still reside at 8 Howell avenue and it will always be home to me! Elaine walks by their house regularly while I’m visiting and it’s so comforting, she is such a wonderful lady!

  3. So interesting to read. So many memories of growing up on Howell. My parents, Lloyd and Olive Cochrane built their house at 69 in 1961 and Mum lived their until a year after Dad’s passing in 1996. Howell Ave and the Hudson Bay Park area was like our own home town. Many of the children are still in touch 40 plus years later. Thank you for the memories.

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