Mayfair & Kelsey-Woodlawn Local area Plan Community Meeting

The City of Saskatoon Neighbourhood Planning Section invites you to discuss the future of the Mayfair & Kelsey-Woodlawn neighbourhoods.

The purpose of the meeting is to launch the Mayfair & Kelsey-Woodlawn Local Area Plan (LAP). We will be establishing a committee of local stakeholders to represent the neighbourhood at a series of meetings in 2013, where the LAP will be developed. This plan provides an opportunity for residents, business owners, property owners, local groups and other stakeholders to have direct input into determining the future of their community. Once completed, an LAP sets out a vision, goals, and a long-term plan that will guide growth and development of the area. Subjects covered during the LAP process often include: land use, parks, municipal services, transportation, infrastructure, arts/culture/heritage, and neighbourhood safety.

The historic neighbourhoods of Mayfair & Kelsey-Woodlawn have a very important role in providing housing, recreation, and services to a diverse range of citizens. We believe the ongoing success of neighbourhoods such as Mayfair & Kelsey-Woodlawn is optimized when the community, local businesses, service providers, and the City work together. Help us ensure that your community is a safe, healthy, and vibrant place for all people to live, work, and visit.

When & Where?
Thursday, December 13, 2012, 7-9:30 PM
Mayfair United Church Hall
902 33rd Street West

Childcare provided
Refreshments & snacks provided


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